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SALT Galata

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There is no sign for SALT Galata — just look for the small number 11 plate on the building on Bankalar Caddesi.

This calm oasis is very conveniently located down the stairs from the Galata Tower. A daytime hike up from the Galata Bridge or Karaköy ferry is a great way to appreciate the contrast between the colorful lanes of rope shops, wheel shops, anchor shops and other boating supply shops and the gorgeous space of the former Ottoman Bank.

It’s hard to decide where to look: up to the soaring decorated ceiling or out the two-storey window to take in the view.

The library and museum are permanent; the exhibition space downstairs currently features the  mesmerizing, geographically arranged video installation “1+8” on life at and over Turkey’s borders.

Stop in at the carefully edited bookshop and then head across the hallway to lovely Ca’ d’Oro. Interestingly, the café’s 6.5 TL fresh juice costs 9TL when enjoyed with the view of the Golden Horn from the restaurant upstairs.

The building, view, exhibits, bookshop, café and restaurant plus sparklingly modern public washrooms (and all for free!) make SALT Galata an essential stop on any visit to this historic part of Istanbul!

below: street with boat supply shops (courtesy of  Bust it Away Photography); Ca’ d’Oro with suspended staircase and personal library

boat supply shops

boat supply shops



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